This Ain't Your Average Cocktail Party Dish

NEW dinner menu entree at Anthem Kitchen + Bar: Scallops + Bacon (Pork Belly)!

Trust us when we say this isn't your typical scallops wrapped in bacon that you find at that awkward dinner party. The dish includes three medium sea scallops which are pan seared in butter, leaving them with a golden crust on each side. Those guys are served over quinoa fried jasmine rice with soy sauce, roasted vegetables, soy, lime and honey and then topped with shaved radishes and toasted cashews. Accompanying the dish are two chunks of pork belly. The pork belly is first brined and braised before it's fried crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Pair this mouth-watering dish with a glass of dry and crisp Babich, Black Label Sauvignon Blanc, with notes of citrus and ripe gooseberry, and you're in for one delicious dish!

The Scallops + Bacon is on Anthem's lunch and dinner menu.For reservations.

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by ICS