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September 14, 2012

A Look at Chef Janine, MJ O'Connor's Park Plaza

Congressman Ed Markey, Extreme frontman Gary Cherone, professional wrestler, Killer Kowalski, comedian John Pinnette, singer/songwriter, Norman Greenbaum...what do all these accomplished people have in common? They all hail from a little town just a “bridge and tunnel” away from Boston called, Malden, Massachusetts. In June of 2000, Malden observed its 350th anniversary. This same year, a...

May 27, 2012


Kaylee Platt…we all love her, but how much do we really know her? She has been with the Briar Group for a year, working with the management team at the Lenox Hotel.She is a Johnson & Wales graduate and before coming to work with us, she managed a Qdoba and is a self proclaimed “expert burrito roller”. She grew up in Clinton Mass, the middle child of five sisters. Baking with he...

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